What The F**k Am I Doing?

Its summer vacation, other people are probably celebrating their freedom by going to parties, hanging out with their friends and actually having a life. Me, on the other hand, left this city as soon as school ended and is now spending her time drinking her weight in Iced Tea at my mother’s house and practically living like a vampire as the only time i go outside is to the store to get junk food.

Actually, that’s not even true, i make other people go get the munchies for me because I’m too much of an awkward person to talk to a stranger. Even if it is just a customer to cashier transaction. And now, from binge-watching too many episodes of Awkward, I’ve come up with the great idea to start a blog. And even that sounds stupid to me. Blog sounds like a word from the eighties like a walkman. But be that as it may, here I am, writing one. So lets see how I can screw this up.