Why Incomplete Dancer?

Most people might find find this pathetic and I kind of do too but I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out a name for this blog thing. I knew what I wanted to write about, just my everyday life and whatever and whoever was pissing me off that day. So, I had to pick something that kind of described me. first off, I have been dancing on and off since I was about eight years old. And I have gained a large amount of experience throughout these past years. And even though I know that I’m a better dancer than most people, I’m never gonna be part of the ABC which, if you are not dance educated is the American Ballet Company. I used to dream of being part of that company when I was a little girl but after watching many movies about it and seeing the way some women and men sacrifice their health for dancing, I shied away from it. I have had issues with self harm before I know that if I were to get in a high pressure situation with something that I loved on the line I could resort to going to extreme methods to get what I want. And I don’t want that kind of life. Even though I have chosen this life for myself and I know that I wouldn’t want to try and fit into the “perfect ballet body”, I know that I am always growing as a dancer and therefore, I could never call myself a complete dancer. Because as I have learned, there is always new moves, genres and ways of dancing and no one could ever know it all. That is why I chose the name, Incomplete Dancer, because I wear that title with pride. I am always eager to learn more about dancing no matter which style it is. I am forever growing, and proud of it


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